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What Customers Have to Say:

[GP]zamn[dgz] -- The server has really good registration, and It has 500 fps 9/10 times I have checked. Also for me being east and it being a chicago server I get really good ping to it. Overall I would recommend people to buy this server because It has great registration, Has no lag or choke, and is probrably the best server I have bought as of yet.

Snowman -- As an owner and player of Hypebeast Esports, Sickservers provides the ultimate perfomance for what we need. The server is ran daily without any lag. The server is very stable running at 500 fps,the ping is emazing for east and west players. We have no one complaining everytime we use the Sickservers as we pug. Besides the performance it values is the support and partnership, Sickservers is the most professional game server

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Here in the downloads section you will find some of the common utilities used the most by our customers.


FileZilla Posted on 12/17/07
A simple to use, Efficient, and free to use FTP Client. We recommend everyone to use this software. Can be use for uploading files to your game server.
HLSW Posted on 12/17/07
Here is a gamers utility. Can be used for managing your game server, It is also a great game server browing tool. This program allows you to have some control over your game server. Such as executing files remotely, kicking, and banning players and much more!"

Network Utilities

WinMTR Posted on 12/17/07
This network utility is used most commonly for showing your route to a server. It will show all routes in real time, along with showing your average latency to the server. We hightly recommend customers to use this utility when sending us trace routes of your game server.