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[GP]zamn[dgz] -- The server has really good registration, and It has 500 fps 9/10 times I have checked. Also for me being east and it being a chicago server I get really good ping to it. Overall I would recommend people to buy this server because It has great registration, Has no lag or choke, and is probrably the best server I have bought as of yet.

Snowman -- As an owner and player of Hypebeast Esports, Sickservers provides the ultimate perfomance for what we need. The server is ran daily without any lag. The server is very stable running at 500 fps,the ping is emazing for east and west players. We have no one complaining everytime we use the Sickservers as we pug. Besides the performance it values is the support and partnership, Sickservers is the most professional game server

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Hardware Information

All of our game servers are hosted on are hosted on AMD Based Servers. We use Dual core systems starting from:

Our Secondary Choice for hardware setups is as follows:

Our game server registration could not be made possible without being teamed up with Tyan Motherboards and Seagate enterprise hard drives.

Server Information


At SickServers, Every Frame Counts! Given that philosophy, all of our machines use the most up to date premium hardware for the selected games we host. We use a fully customized Linux install, Each server has a customized kernel that has been compiled for highest performance. The kernels we use at SickServers have been stripped down of the excess bloat and are fully optimized for running game servers at their maximum potential.